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ID# 000930

MicroLine ML23042 Grade 1 Midband Cooled CCD Camera

1250 Rochester St
Lima, NY 14485
United States
585 624 3760 (Main Phone)
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For the ultimate in sensitivity and imaging area, this 2048 x 2048 back-illuminated CCD with 15 micron pixels can be set up for four-channel readout for higher throughput. The three-stage TEC cools the sensor to 50°C below ambient. Sensor: 30.7 x 30.7 mm; 944 mm2. Full well capacity: 150K e-. Shutter: Melles Griot 63.5 mm.
The MicroLine cameras are smaller and lighter than ProLines, with less cooling. MicroLines do not provide power or USB ports for FLI accessories.
The UV (ultraviolet) version of this sensor is non-MPP with much higher dark current than the midband version.
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