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ID# 001906

ST-10XME with CFW10 Filter Wheel and guide head

150 N. 3700 W. #169
Hurricane, UT 84737
United States
801-450-2783 (Main Phone)
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ST-10XME with CFW10 Filter Wheel and Astrodon Color Filter Set, Astronomik OIII, H-Alpah and SII filter set, and an Orion Ultra Block Narrow Band Filter and an Orion SkyGlow Astrophotography Filter.

The Model ST-10XE and ST-10XME are the highest resolution CCD cameras in the "ST" series from SBIG. The ST-10XME contains an enhanced KAF-3200ME imaging detector from Kodak. The only difference between the CCDs is the addition of a micro lens layer over the pixels of the KAF-3200ME CCD for increased sensitivity. These 3.2 megapixel CCDs have a Full Frame Resolution of 2184 x 1472 pixels at 6.8 microns making them the ultimate cameras for wide field apochromatic refractors. The active imaging area is 17% greater than the ST-8XME and the arrays contain approximately twice as many pixels. The imaging camera includes an electro-mechanical shutter, 16 bit analog to digital (A/D) converter, regulated temperature control, and built-in TC-237H, guiding CCD with all of the electronics integrated into the CCD head. Communication to the PC is through the USB port at up to 425,000 pixels per second.
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