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Celestron - Advanced VX 6" SC Telescope

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The 6" SCT by Celestron excels at intermediate astrophotography because of the numerous optical coatings and optical accessories compatible with it. The StarBright XLT coatings is excellent for light transmission, outperforming most other standard aluminum coatings. The natural slow focal ratio of Schmidt-Cassegrain designs makes it compatible with many focal reducers (NOT INCLUDED, purchased separately) that can be used for faster imaging, meaning it can be used for both planetary and deep sky imaging with the use of focal reducers.

Celestron's Advanced VX has most of the same features found in the most advanced Celestron mounts but at a smaller price! Astrophotographers will certainly find this mount useful because it has it is capable of mounting smaller end optical tubes such as most of the Schmidt-Cassegrain optical tubes while still using the powerful alignment and slewing tools found in larger mounts like the CGE Pro and CGEM. The All-Star Polar Alignment is probably one of the best features since it strives to give the best alignment possible to the celestial pole so imaging can go more smoothly. The Periodic Error Correction built into the mount also assists in longer exposures since it counteracts constant errors in the mount's drive gears which minimize shifts during exposures. Much like the higher-end mounts, the meridian can also be imaged without flipping the mount around, a major plus for astrophotography! The Celestron Advanced VX Mount can be used between 7-77 degress latitude and utilizes the NexStar hand controller for slewing and finding objects.
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