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iOptron - SkyTracker with Polar Scope (Black)

Woodland Hills Camera & Telescopes
5348 Topanga Canyon Blvd.
Woodland Hills, CA 91364
United States
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The new iOptron StarTracker portable camera mount for astrophotography makes it easy to take long-term exposures of the night sky without streaking or star-trailing

Accommodates SLRs and compact digital cameras up to 6.6 lb (3kg)
Built-in magnetic compass and geared latitude adjustment wedge for polar alignment
Includes AccuAligning™ Polar Scope alignment tool
Automatic RA tracking for smooth camera motion
Latitude adjustable from 0 to 70° (north or south)
Built-in polar sighting hole (8.5° FOV) for polar scope (6° FOV) with dark field illumination
3/8" tripod mounting socket - attaches to any standard camera tripod
Aluminum construction with black finish
Powered by 4 AA batteries (24hr continuous) or external 9-12V DC

The SkyTracker™ is simple to set up. Just attach the unit to a standard camera tripod. Then slide and lock your digital camera into the saddle. Align SkyTracker™ to Polaris, the North Star, using the included dark field illuminated polar scope. Then turn on the motor and it keeps your camera tracking at the same speed the earth rotates! The unique DC servo motor keeps your camera in motion to avoid star trails and allows you to take long exposures for beautiful images of the night sky. SkyTracker™ runs on 4 AA batteries for portability at any location.
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