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PrimaLuce Lab - UV/IR Cut 50.8mm Filter

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CCD or DSLR cameras (with astronomy modified filters) may be sensitive to infrared or ultraviolet spectral wavelengths. For specific applications, for example, astro-imaging with color sensors, this can disrupt color balance. This issue is fixed by inserting, in front of the camera, the PrimaLuceLab UV/IR Cut filter, the best models in its price range that has excellent correction and does not introduce any distortion in the image.

In addition to improving color balance, the UV/IR Cut filter is excellent when used with telescopes that use lens systems like refractors. Indeed, these instruments generally function well in the visible frequencies but aren't designed for infrared and ultraviolet and as a result, stars may have small halos. With the PrimaLuceLab UV/IR cut filter, problem solved!

Even with a low price, this UV/IR Cut filter offers a high transmission (greater than 95% in almost all of the visible spectrum). All PrimaLuceLab filters are carefully checked to verify the nature of the substrate and anti-reflection coating to assure customers that filters will work and won't add issues to photos like reflections.

Delete the infrared and ultraviolet frequencies
Anti-reflective multi-layer coating to remove ghost images
Transmittance greater than 95% in almost all the visible spectrum
Quality substrate that doesn't introduce aberrations in the images
Available in 2 versions: 31.8mm (1.25") and 50.8mm (2") diameter

PrimeLuceLab filters are available in 2 diameters: 31.8mm and 50.8mm. These standards are generally utilized by telescopes and their accessories. For example, depending on their function, they can be used with a CCD or a DSLR camera (using appropriate photo adapters), but also screwed to optical accessories such as eyepieces or diagonals. Warning: 31.8mm filters do not work with 50.8mm diameter accessories and vice versa (unless there are special adapters). When you choose the version of your filter, be careful to choose the diameter compatible with your equipment.

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