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NEW! The Paramount MX+ , has just been announced by Software Bisque and features new quieter, more powerful brushless, premium DC Servo motors, previously available only in the Paramount ME II, giving the MX+ even better precision tracking performance. These Brushless DC servo motors are also designed so that all moving parts are on bearing surfaces which reduces friction almost to zero. Total weight capacity has been increased to as much as 100 lbs.

The Paramount MX+ has a broad range of exciting features and capabilities that will keep you focused on the stars and not your equipment. Software Bisque urges you to compare the Paramount MX+ feature set with every other commercial mount in this price range before buying any mount.


German equatorial mount Load Capacity ~100 lbs
Weight of the Unibody mount (including Versa-Plate): 50 lb (23 kg)
Every component (other than the worm gears which are precision machined from brass) is custom machined from 6061 aluminum at Software Bisque's production facility.
Brass worms and aluminum gears that have a maximum seven (7) arcsecond peak to peak periodic error before periodic error correction. Less than one (1) arcsecond peak to peak periodic error after PEC is applied.
Fully Calibrated polar alignment adjustments
Fourth-generation control system featuring USB 2.0 computer to mount interface
Belt driven gears with spring loaded worm-to-gear interface results in virtually zero backlash
Ample space for additional through-the-mount cabling
All standard electronics and through-the-mount wiring are housed inside the mount
An ingenious equipment mounting plate (the Versa-Plate) that accepts any telescope
Two port USB 2.0 hub on the instrument panel where it belongs
Power supply and PC-to-mount cabling included
30 arcsecond all-sky pointing accuracy using TPoint telescope modeling software
Clutchless design maintains the TPoint assisted pointing accuracy and ProTrack assisted tracking
The SkyX Pro software with Add-Ons featuring ProTrack, Direct Guide, Super Model, All-Sky Image Link, and Closed Loop Slews

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