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PrimaLuce Lab - Canon EOS 700Da Cooled DSLR Camera

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United States
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<h1 style="text-align: center;">PrimaLuce Labs - Cooled Canon 700Da DSLR Astrophotography Camera</h1>
<p>PrimaLuce Labs brings you a modified DSLR like no other with a full built in Peltier cooling system.  This unique combination gives you the ease of use associated with traditional DSLR cameras and the enhanced performace of a cooled CCD camera.   Active cooling greatly reduces noise associated with typical astrophoto modified DSLR cameras.   Perfectly suited for both deep sky and planetary/ lunar photography as well, the Prima Luce 700Da allows for traditional attachment of camera lenses and adapters for quick and easy adaption to your telescope.  </p>
<p>The Canon 700D front sensor has been modified to allow <span>wavelengths of the red and very important H-alpha portion of the light spectrum </span>.  This permits the capture of intricate details found in nebulae.   An anti-dewing system keeps moisture at bay and a built in power adapter so you can take those long exposures without relying on batteries.  A power cable is supplied.    The built-in Peltier cooling system has on board touch control and a large display for easy adjustments without a computer.  </p>
<h2><span style="font-size: 1.5em;">Double Peltier Cell Cooling System:</span></h2>
<p><span>Getting those beautiful images of deep sky objects like nebulae, galaxies and star clusters means many long exposures of several minutes each.  Traditional DSLR's while sometimes capable of taking those long exposures lack proper cooling and the result is an image marred by electronic noise.  Small details are lost and editing can be tedious and frustrating.   By adding a Peltier cooling system, PrimaLuce Labs has solved this problem.  The sensor temperature can be lowered and maintained at up to -30 degree Celcius ambient, cooling most commonly seen on intermediate to advanced CCD cameras.  </span></p>
<p><span>By placing the cooling system at the back of the camera body, balance is maintained putting less stress on the connecting adapters and your telescope focuser.   An on-board display shows the current temperature of the sensor, the temperture that will be adjusted to and the speed of the cooling fan.  The fan is vibration free to allow for crisp images as well.  Temperture regulation is consistent during total operation so you can take dark frames whenever you need.  </span></p>
<h2>Anti-Dewing System: </h2>
<p>Installed on the front of the 700Da is an anti-dewing system to keep moisture at bay, a common issue when cooling a sensor.  This specially designed dew prevention heats the front sensor only keeping it dry during the night, avoiding ruining your images or you sensor over time.  The Anti-Dew system can be controlled using the same controls that set cooling options, with 5 levels of adjustment depending on conditions.    The camera can also be operated in conditions near 100% humdity by adding PrimaLuce Labs filter holding T2 Ring with a 50.8mm filter.  This effectively seals the sensor and allows the heater to work more efficiently.  The t-ring and filter are optional accessories and must be purchased separately. </p>
<h2>APS-C Sensor: </h2>
<p>DSLR cameras often include larger sensors than CCD cameras of similar prices.  Check out the sensor comparison chart in the images above.  You will see that the included APS-C sensor is giant in comparison allowing you to capture objects of much larger size and compose mosaics with fewer sitched images.  </p>
<h2>Modified Filter: </h2>
<p>Typical DSLR's filter out red portions of the spectrum to provide color that is indentical to what we can see with our eyes.  This is an undesireable feature in an astrophotography camera where red, IR and H-Alpha light comprise the majority of fine details in distant deep sky objects.   Rather than simply remove this filter, allowing all light to pass through to the sensor PrimaLuce Labs has replaced it with a filter that will allow red and H-Alpha portions of the spectrum through while eliminating unnecessary wavelengths between 700nm and 900nm.  H-alpha transmission is increased to 98% compared to the original filter's allowance of about 30%.  </p>
<h2>Free Yourself From Batteries: </h2>
<p>Batteries die.  That's a fact and when you're operating a camera for very extended periods of time a dead battery can mean the loss of a great that took a long time to capture.  Dead batteries in the field could also mean cutting short an imaging session.  Cameras operated at lower temperatures also run short on battery life more quickly.  So PrimaLuce took away the 700D batteries and replaced it with a power adapter, connected through the attached cooling system.  You'll find this power adapter port next to the 12V power for the cooling fan.  A 7.4V power outlet that, with the included power adapter, can run your camera all night long.  Please be aware that a 12V 5amp power supply is needed to power the entire camera and cooling system and is not included.</p>
<h2>Integrated Shutter Control:</h2>
<p>Shutter control is fully integrated allowing you to leave a laptop at home if you so choose and eliminating the need for additional digital releases or timers.  Using the buttons found on the rear of the cooling system you can set your exposure time, the number of exposures to take and any delay in between that you would like.    Settings allow for up to 50 exposures preset at 1, 5, 10, 30, 60, 120, 180, 300, 600, and 900 seconds. </p>
<h2>Included Hard Carry Case: </h2>
<p>PrimaLuce appreciates how important your camera is to you and has included a shock proof hardshell military grade case, complete with pressure purging valve and customized foam.  Full IP67 certified with maximum resistance to dust and water.  Polypropylene copolymer shell is extremely drop resistant as well.  Travel knowing your camera is safe from shock, drops and weather. </p>
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