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ID# 001820

QHY163M and QHY163C 16 Megapixel 4/3-inch CMOS Cameras

Santa Barbara, CA 93101
United States
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The popular QHY163M/C cameras use a 16 Megapixel 4/3-inch sensor and offer the following features:

• USB 3.0
• Lightweight Compact Design
• Regulated TE Cooling
• 128 MB DDR Frame Buffer
• ST-4 Compatible Guide Port
• Filter Wheel Port
• Anti-Noise Technology
• Anti-Amp Glow Technology
• Anti-Dew Technology

The QHY163 models have a heated optical window to prevent external dew, a desiccant plug socket to help maintain a frost-free CMOS chamber, a 128MB frame buffer, a filter wheel port, and 2-stage TE cooling to reduce the sensor temperature to -35C or -40C below ambient along with temperature regulation to maintain a constant temperature set point. Due to the efficient TE cooling, single exposures many minutes in duration are possible, making them ideally suited for deep space imaging of dim objects as well as brighter objects and planets.

The large 4/3-inch sensor with its high QE sensor, plus the moderate price point of these models make the QHY163C an exceptional value. Available in both color and monochrome versions.


Sensor: Panasonic MN34230 CMOS
Total Pixels: 16 Megapixels
Pixel Size: 3.8um
Pixel Array: 4656 x 3522
Optical Format: 4/3-inch
Frame Rate: 22.5FPS @ Full Res, 100FPS @ 800x600
Shutter: Electronic
A/D Resolution: 12-bit
Read Noise: 1e- to 2.4e-
Full Well: 20ke-
Weight: 450g
Exposure: 50us - 1800sec
Cooling Delta: -40C, Regulated
Reference Price: Color $999, Monochrome $1259
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