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ID# 001819

QHY174M-GPS Time Domain Imager

Santa Barbara, CA 93101
United States
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NASA New Horizons Team Choice!

The QHY174M-GPS camera is the same as the QHY174M camera but includes the optional GPS based precision time and location function, useful for imaging occultations, eclipses, meteors, and other scientific imaging requiring a highly precise recording of the time and location of the observation on every frame. The QHY174M-GPS has dual stage TE cooling to -45C below ambient with full anti-moisture control including heated optical window and removable desiccant plug for the sensor chamber. The camera has our 4-pin QHYCFW2 filter wheel control port and a 6-pin autoguider port. The QHY174 also has an anti-amp glow function. It can reduce the IMX174 sensor's amplifier glow significantly in long exposures. The IMX174 sensor has a global shutter and is capable of high frame rates, both ideal features for a time-domain imaging camera. The QHY174M-GPS will record the global shutter exposure starting and ending time with microsecond precision. Two QHY174 cameras, for example, each located anywhere in the world, can have the same time base, accurate to microseconds. In order to guarantee the starting and ending time of the exposure, the QHY174 has a built-in LED pulse calibration circuit precise to 1 microsecond.

The QHY174 camera is designed to be an excellent planetary, lunar, solar and meteor capture video camera. With a 50mm F1.4 lens it will record mag 8 to mag 9 stars in live video recording at 30FPS (33ms exposure), several magnitudes fainter than can typically be seen with the naked eye. The QHY174's high sensitivity with HD resolution will push video astronomy to new heights.

Master mode: In Master Mode, the camera is free running and the internal 10MHz GPS synced clock will measure and record the shutter's opening and closing time.

Slave mode: In Slave Mode you can input a target start time and the interval period for two frames. For example: You want three cameras in different locations (maybe thousands of kilometers apart) to start an exposure at 2016.3.9.UTC 14:00:00.000000 and then to continue with exposures at the interval time of 0.100000 sec. After you input these values, all the three cameras will wait until this time and then simultaneously start video recording. The time stamp and other GPS information is embedded into the image. The software decodes it in real time and displays the information on left. Since the data is embedded, it will never be lost so long as you keep the original image.

The QHY174M-GPS is available in both uncooled and cooled versions.

Typical Specifications

Sensor: Sony IMX174 Exmor CMOS
Total Pixels: 2.3 Megapixels
Pixel Size: 5.86um
A/D Resolution: 12-bit
Pixel Array: 1920 x 1200
Read Noise: 3e- to 5e-
Optical Format: 1/1.2-inch
Full Well Capacity: 32ke-
Shutter: Electronic (Global)
Cooling Delta: -40C Regulated
Exposure Time: 50us - 1800sec
Computer Interface: USB 3.0
FPS: 138FPS @ Full Res, 490FPS @ 480x300
Weight: 450g
Price: Uncooled $939, Cooled $1239
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