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SBIG - ST-402ME Class 2 CCD Camera

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The SBIG ST-402ME camera includes the optional T-thread to C-Mount adapter ring and lens for screwing in the 1.25" nosepiece in the front plate. With a lightweight body and design, this CCD model is a no brainer for setting up. The internal filter wheel and shutter enables the user to take dark frames and tri-color images automatically with the luxury of the amazing low noise and sensitivity QE of the KAF-0402ME sensor available. The same technology that is used to achieve such high quantum efficiency in the KAF-3200ME CCD is also used with the same effectiveness in the KAF-0402ME CCD. With a peak QE of nearly 85%, this camera bows its head to no other when it comes to recording faint detail in dim objects.

Since CCD cameras generally need temperature stability to function properly, SBIG has included a new cooling package on the ST-402ME, improving the cooling delta by approximately 10 degrees C°. A larger heat sink, 50mm magnetic levitating fan and fan guard, new back plate with openings to for extension of fan housing, and a camera board routing additional power to the cooler. No additional external power is needed and backfocus will remain the same.

The internal filter wheel allows this monochrome CCD camera to do both high sensitivity black and white images as well as RGB/LRGB color imaging with the CFW. Another advantage for deep sky observing in particular is SBIG has centered the camera body to be correspondingly spaced for Celestron Fastar and Hyperstar optics!

This size and shape also makes it possible to put the filter wheel inside the camera, even though the KAF-0402ME CCD requires larger filters than the ST-237A. Electronic relays provide typical autoguider output from the RJ-11 jack, so the camera can be used as a highly sensitive autoguider with a larger field of view than most other autoguiders. While somewhat wider than the ST-237A, this new camera is still fine for all Fastar equipped telescopes. The additional width will not affect its use as a Fastar camera in the slightest.

With a 75% larger CCD than the TC-237, there is also improved read noise, less dark current, significantly more dynamic range, and higher quantum efficiency. This results in a greater more sentivie field of view. The KAF-0402E/ME CCD is available only in NABG. For fast systems such as the Faster, the KAF-0401LE (ABG) version is also available as an option.

SBIG has included new electronics in the camera head. The interface is USB 2.0 (USB 1.1 is compatible) and the high speed transfer rate is about 800,000 pixels per second! This means full frame high resolution images can be downloaded in about 0.8 seconds when using the USB 2.0 interface.

A regulated power supply is built into the camera so you can operate directly from a 12V battery or other unregulated 12VDC source. A wall transformer is also supplied for operation in North America from 110VAC.
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