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Tele Vue Starbeam Finder

Tele Vue Optics, Inc.
Chester, NY 10918
United States
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Starbeam is the “Tele Vue” of red-dot finders. Elegant in design and form, Starbeam is custom machined completely from aluminum and then black anodized, even down to the "push-pull" thumb screws. The optical glass is finely polished to create a focused, 10 arc-minute (1/3 Moon diameter) "red-star" within the field of the natural sky background. With its 39mm aperture, the projected image is easily seen any distance behind Starbeam, whether 2 inches or 2 feet! The finely made glass lens acts as a beamsplitter to combine the natural sky background with the superimposed red pointing "star." The first lens surface acts as a collimating mirror so the "red-star" stays stationary against the sky background regardless of how it is viewed. It's 6-arc-minute accuracy over any eye position allows you to pin-point objects -- even with high-power eyepieces in the telescope. A compensating curve is designed into the second lens surface to provide the normal sky background view and is multi-coated to eliminate double images. No tools are required to align Starbeam with your telescope.

Viewed straight through, you see the natural sky with Starbeam’s "red-star" showing your scope's position. When your scope is pointed high, flip the mirror into position for more comfortable viewing. Viewed this way, the sky orientation matches a refractor or SCT's image. The size, color, adjustable brightness and blink-rate of the "red-star" makes it easy to see against any twilight to dark sky background.

Mounting hardware included. Choose from several versions.

● Tele Vue Version
Easily mounts to mating channel of Tele Vue telescope mount rings.

● SCT Version
Includes a dovetail bar and mounting bracket that fits the rear cell of any 8" or larger SCT.

● Newtonian Version
To attach Starbeam to any open telescope tube over 4" diameter, simply drill matching holes in your tube and use the supplied machine screws and nuts to fasten the included Base Channel to your telescope tube.

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