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TeleVue - 3.7mm Ethos-SX Eyepiece

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With 110°, the Ethos-SX has 21% more AFOV area than the 100° Ethos design. This permits a nice 62% power increase from a 6mm Ethos, while retaining 68% of its TFOV. The 3.7mm actually has more TFOV than our 8mm Plössl, 6mm Radian, and 5mm Nagler Type-6!

In 1¼" mode, it is parfocal with the wide range of 1¼" Tele Vue Plössls, Panoptics, Radians, Naglers, Nagler Zooms, and 6mm and 8mm Ethos eyepieces. The screw-on 2" adapter (included) is designed to make it parfocal with 13mm and 10mm Ethos when they are used in their 2" modes.

Ethos-SX 3.7mm Specifications:

Apparent field: 110°

Focal length: 3.7mm

Effective field stop:7.04mm

Eye relief: 15mm (accepts DIOPTRX eyesight astigmatism correctors)

Barrel size 2”/1.25”

Weight: 1.10 lbs (17.7 oz.)
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