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ID# 001940

Vendor Upgraded 8" Zerochromat

Orem, UT 84058
United States
$4,500.00 (Or Best Offer)
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Transferwise, PayPal, or similar
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Buyer pays (weight ~70 lbs from Central PA, USA)
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It's big, it's beautiful, and (sigh) I need to sell it.
This 8-inch/200mm f/12 manufacturer-upgraded Zerochromat refractor is for sale for $4,500 ($3500 less than a new one and available now--and already in the US). This scope has been upgraded with silvered folding mirrors, an improved backplate, and a niffty circular rear handle. There is a tube-mounted D-type dovetail plate. It comes in a fitted shipping case and includes all the basic accessories that come with a new one (objective lens cap, correct image 50mm finder, motorized 2-inch Moonlight focuser, removable flexible dew shield).

In case you are unfamiliar with the Zerochromat’s optical design, it is a retofocally corrected dialyte refractor design that is folded by two optical flats to create an impressively compact and lightweight refractor that delivers apochromatic performance. More details are available on the vendor's website:

It's big: our older Dodge Grand Caravan won't hold the case flat w/o taking out the middle seat (only the rear ones fold down in ours). It's easiest to handle in the case with two people, but I've also moved it around by myself using a small collapsible hand truck. (The scope and case weighs about 70 pounds; the scope itself is only about 22 pounds). Getting it on and off the mount is easiest with two people (not because of the weight, it's just helpful to have another person help line up the dovetail clamp), but I've successfully done it by myself without worrying that I might drop it. (The mount and tripod shown in the pictures isn't included in the price. For reference, the mount shown is an iOptron iE45--and it's acceptable on that mount because the motorized focuser prevents needing to touch it to focus-as long as it's shielded from wind. You might want a heftier mount.)

Shipping cost will depend upon distance but may run $300 to $400 (domestic/lower-48 estimate). I'm happy to get details for serious prospective buyers.
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